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Wet Eyes, Dry Eyes – The Story of Tears


Grief and tears go together… or do they?  Have you wondered if crying is helpful? Why some cry and some don’t. What happens when we suppress our tears? Dr. Bob Baughter shares some interesting information about tears.

Healthy & Unhealthy Grief


Dr. Bob Baugher, Ph.D., discusses the difference between healthy grieving and unhealthy grief.  Because everyone’s grief is unique, how can we ascertain that the way we are grieving is healthy?  What is “Grief Work?” This program is important for those who are grieving the death of a loved one.  It is also excellent information for […]

The Story of Tears


Bob Baugher, Ph.D., talks about tears related to the grieving process. Are they helpful? Why do some people cry and some don’t?  Are tears a reliable gauge of our grief?  Dr. Bob will answer these questions and more.

Healthy and Unhealthy Grief


Dr. Bob Baugher, Professor of Psychology at Highline Community College in Washington, speaks about behavior that may be a sign of being stuck in grief, i.e., unhealthy grieving.  He also shares ways we can be supportive of those who are grieving.