Sibling Grief

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The Truth About Sibling Grief


Dr Heidi Horsley experienced the loss of her brother as a young adult. She lived through her grief to become a Professor of Psychology, Grief Therapist, Author, and co-founder of Open To Hope Foundation. During this interview, Dr. Heidi shares insight into sibling grief to help us understand their journey. From her personal story, she […]

Living Through The Pain – The Lonely Me


Kathy Kurtz shares the story of her childhood and the devastating loss of her parents. Her book, “Living through the Pain,” shares her stamina and resilience as she has worked her way through her traumatic loss.

Choosing a Positive Pathway After Loss


Zander Sprague shares about the loss of his sister to murder and the devastation it caused his entire family. As a sibling, however, he felt that his grief was not recognized by other members of his family or by his friends.  Most support groups and books are focused on parental rather than sibling grief. Part […]

Sibling Grief Is Underrated


Sarah Kravits is currently serving on the National Board for the Bereaved Parents of the USA as part of their initiative to more intentionally support bereaved siblings. After her younger brother, and only sibling, died in 2014, Sarah found that her life changed profoundly. She also realized that sibling loss is vastly underrated! Join us […]

Parenting Children and Teens Who Are Grieving


When Becky’s oldest daughter, Jae Lynn, was killed in a car accident, she had to deal with her own loss of a child, as well as help her other two daughters with their grief.  At the time of Jae Lynn’s death, Casey was 15 years and Abbie was 10.  Becks has much to share about […]