Loss of Parents

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Hope for the Journey


Mindy Russell is the Executive Director and Senior Chaplain for the Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. During this interview, Chaplain Mindy shares her experience with the loss of her parents, sister and a close friend who was like a sister. She talks about verses from scripture that have sustained her and given her hope during the […]

Living Through The Pain – The Lonely Me


Kathy Kurtz shares the story of her childhood and the devastating loss of her parents. Her book, “Living through the Pain,” shares her stamina and resilience as she has worked her way through her traumatic loss.

Living Through the Pain


At the age of 16, Cathy A Kurtz‘s mom, dad, oldest brother and his wife died in a private plane crash.  She was left in the care of her surviving brother then in college and not interested in raising his younger teenage sister.  Thirteen years later, her brother, her only surviving family member, died of […]

When Mom Dies


Sue McGlaughlin shares her journey after her mom’s death. Throughout her life, Sue’s mom was her best friend & confidant. Plus, Sue was her mom’s care giver for several years. Sue’s grief was intense, but she made it through with God’s comfort and His Word.

Transitional Grief


Laura Wayman has broken the code to caring for people with memory issues.  Watching a loved one succumb to the debilitating effects of memory loss due to Alzheimer’s and various other forms of dementia definitely is a harsh experience.  Laura is aware of the devastating effects on the caregivers.  During this program, Laura and Ron […]

Covered & Kept


Karen Johnson, wife of Jon Johnson who was murdered, shares about her life since her husband died.  In her book (released in 2011), “Covered & Kept, the Tearing Between Two Worlds,” Karen writes about her life experiences that have allowed her to learn how God has always had His hand on her.  She talks about the […]