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Can We Control Death and Grief?

Death of a loved one and Grief are universal experiences. They’re the most difficult aspects of life that many of us will endure. Shane Vincent and Debbie Tannenbaum, on staff with Bristol Hospice, talk about how difficult it is to accept that we have no control over the death of a loved one.  Further, at […]

Role of Hospice In Grief Care

Louie Handugan with Vitas Hospice in Sacramento, shares about the role hospice can play for people as they go through the final stage of a love’s life. Hospice is a team approach to palliative care.  Louie will dispel some of the myths about hospice, such as, “If I go on hospice, does it mean I’m […]

Grief Healings


Steve Smith serves the community of Placer, Sacramento, Yolo and El Dorado counties as a Chaplain with Green Valley Hospice. He journeys with people during their last stage in life as well as with families who are adjusting to life without their loved one. His passion is to help us experience a healthy grief journey.

Companions on the Journey


Learn about the Vitas Program that will help your church or organization provide more effective compassionate support to families who are caring for a loved one during the last days of their life.

Understanding Grief Care Provided by Hospice Organizations

Jim Sheridan, Chaplain with VITAS Innovative HospicTagse Care, and Marie Copher, Community Liaison for the VITAS Veterans Program, share their inspiration and heart for working with a hospice organization. In sharing their own personal stories, they provide clarification about the services many hospice organizations provide for individuals and families .  They work with the families […]