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Hope for the Journey


Mindy Russell is the Executive Director and Senior Chaplain for the Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. During this interview, Chaplain Mindy shares her experience with the loss of her parents, sister and a close friend who was like a sister. She talks about verses from scripture that have sustained her and given her hope during the […]

Hope Quotient


You’ll be encouraged when you hear principles that will help you overcome despair as you focus on hope rather than discouragement.  Pastor Johnston shares insight from his book, HQ, Hope Quotient.

Holding On To Hope


Nancy Guthrie shares from her experience as a bereaved mother who had serious doubts about God’s love and perfect plan when she lost not just one infant, but a second due to a rare metabolic disorder. Her pain took her to the book of Job as she tried to make sense of her loss. Even though her heart was […]

Strength for the Journey


Daisy Catchings-Shader knows from personal experience that losing a child or a spouse can impact us greater than any other loss we will endure.  Daisy shares the source of Strength for the Journey of grief.