Grief Recovery

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Finding Joy In Sorrow


After her 18 month old baby died of a brain tumor, and she found little to no bereavement support, Darcie Sims dedicated her life to helping others deal with grief. She became a pioneer in teaching people how to work through their grief and find joy again.  In 2014 Darcy joined her son “Big A” in […]

Realistic Expectations of Grief


Pam Brubaker’s loss of her mother not too long before this interview really brought home to Pam that grief is an individual experience.  Although Pam has been a grief support group facilitator for many years, the loss of someone so close can affect us regardless of the amount of knowledge we have about grief.  There […]

When We’re Too Busy to Grieve


When Mark Godshall’s mother died from cancer, Mark tried to stuff his grief because he had to “get back to work.”  He was a busy pastor with a lot of responsibilities that couldn’t be sidelined. When his mother-in-law died within a year after his mother’s death, he again tried to get right back to work […]

Letting Go of Your Guilt and Regrets


In 2001, Alan Pedersen‘s world changed forever when his 18 year old daughter, Ashley, was killed in an automobile accident. Since that time, Alan has embraced his journey of grief and has helped and encouraged many bereaved parents through his music.  He is also a skilled and entertaining speaker on topics related to grief. Many […]

Choosing a Positive Pathway After Loss


Zander Sprague shares about the loss of his sister to murder and the devastation it caused his entire family. As a sibling, however, he felt that his grief was not recognized by other members of his family or by his friends.  Most support groups and books are focused on parental rather than sibling grief. Part […]