Companioning the Bereaved

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The Study of Grief and Loss


Anita Hermsmeier shares about the courses she teaches on Grief and Loss at William Jessup University (WJU) in Rocklin, California. She will talk about some of the key tools she provides to students as they learn how to help others with processing grief issues and different types of losses.  Anita has a Master of Arts […]

Companions on the Journey

Christine Pobanz-Stelter, Chaplain with Vitas Hospice,will share about the “Companions on the Journey” program offered by Vitas Hospice. This outreach provides training for organizations and churches on providing the emotional support families need while they are caring for a family member during the last stages of life.

Death, Grief & Mourning


Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Founder and Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition, will talk about “Death, Grief and Mourning:  Essential Caregiving Principles & Practice.”  His discussion will include the importance of allowing yourself to grieve and mourn, as well as valuable information for those who are companions of the bereaved.

The Need for Trained Church Chaplains


Terry Morgan, Senior Chaplain and Executive Director of Gold Country Chaplaincy, talks about the importance of preparing people to fill the role of Chaplain to assist pastors in providing compassionate support to families when a tragedy occurs.

What to Say When Life Happens Part 2


Steve Sewell will wrap up this 2-part series by sharing the importance of prayer and scripture in supporting those going through loss or tragedy.  He will give us suggestions on discerning the best approach based on the individual’s situation when we’re searching for the right words to say.

Personality Types and Grief


What does your personality type have to do with the way you grieve?  Lisa Prosser-Dodds, Ph.D., has done research on the relationship between personality types and grieving styles.  During the program, she shares some valuable information that will help you understand your grieving style as well as the way others express their grief.