Programs from February 2017

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Grief Healings


Steve Smith serves the community of Placer, Sacramento, Yolo and El Dorado counties as a Chaplain with Green Valley Hospice. He journeys with people during their last stage in life as well as with families who are adjusting to life without their loved one. His passion is to help us experience a healthy grief journey.

Living Through The Pain – The Lonely Me


Kathy Kurtz shares the story of her childhood and the devastating loss of her parents. Her book, “Living through the Pain,” shares her stamina and resilience as she has worked her way through her traumatic loss.

Living with Suicide Loss


The suicide death of Gail & Steve Beeman’s 20 year old son took the entire community of Auburn CA by surprise. How could such a well liked young man end his own life?  Gail & Steve have learned a vast amount about depression and suicide, and have used what they have learned to help others.  […]

Living Through the Pain


At the age of 16, Cathy A Kurtz‘s mom, dad, oldest brother and his wife died in a private plane crash.  She was left in the care of her surviving brother then in college and not interested in raising his younger teenage sister.  Thirteen years later, her brother, her only surviving family member, died of […]