Programs from December 2016

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Choosing a Positive Pathway After Loss


Zander Sprague shares about the loss of his sister to murder and the devastation it caused his entire family. As a sibling, however, he felt that his grief was not recognized by other members of his family or by his friends.  Most support groups and books are focused on parental rather than sibling grief. Part […]

God’s Protection and Direction


In 2006, Karen Johnson’s husband, Jon, was senselessly shot and killed by a drug addict who is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. At the time, Jon was a popular photographer for the Sacramento Kings. Karen shares about her experience when Jon died and how God protected her through the terrifying […]

Surviving Infant Loss or Miscarriage

Rebecca Erickson, along with Deanna Lockhart, share about the losses they experienced.  Rebecca’s baby girl was stillborn, and Deanna’s daughter died at 8 weeks of age of congenital heart failure.  Early in their grief journey, they attended the Sharing ParentsPregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group.  Later they became volunteer leaders in this organization which provides […]