Programs from October 2016

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Hope for a Broken Heart


After the death of her son in a tragic airplane accident, Linda Sterling learned that part of being able to move forward was to help others deal with their losses. Linda shares her journey and her passion for helping other moms in their grief. She also shares segments from her book, Hope for a Broken […]

Bullying – More Serious Than You Think!


After Lisa Ford Berry’s son learned about the rumors that were being spread about him through social media among the kids in his high school, he turned to suicide to stop the pain.  Lisa shares her son’s story and talks about The B.R.A.V.E. Society, an organization that was started to bring awareness about the often […]

Transitioning Through Grief With Poetry


During the months and years since Genesse Bourdeau Gentry’s daughter died in a tragic vehicle accident, she discovered the therapeutic process of writing poetry.  During the program, Genesse shares how writing helped her access her emotions and continues to help her work through troubling issues. Genesse is the author of two books of poetry, Stars […]

Grief Associated with Loss of Career


Michael Grabow shares his own story of dealing with losses brought about by physical issues which prevented him from continuing the career he loved. As a career coach, he is able to help others regain their motivation to move toward a new career with a renewed passion and focus.