Programs from July 2016

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Gender Differences in Grief


R. (Ron) Glenn Kelly will share the story about his son and insights on why men and women process their grief differently, yet in ways unique to their gender.  Learn more about Mr. Kelly on our Guest Page.

A Widow’s Journey, Pt 2


Charlene Carthen continues the discussion from A Widow’s Journey, Pt 1, as she talks about the care she received from her church as the widow of their former pastor. Charlene also shares the challenges she faces while seeking new areas of ministry as a single woman.

A Widow’s Journey Pt 1


Charlene Carthen ministered alongside her husband, the late Bishop Sherwood Carthen, to plant one of the fastest growing multicultural churches in Northern California.  When he died unexpectedly in 2013, she was faced not only with the grief she experienced because of her husband’s death, she also had to face the reality that her future ministry […]

Companions on the Journey

Christine Pobanz-Stelter, Chaplain with Vitas Hospice,will share about the “Companions on the Journey” program offered by Vitas Hospice. This outreach provides training for organizations and churches on providing the emotional support families need while they are caring for a family member during the last stages of life.

Wet Eyes, Dry Eyes – The Story of Tears


Grief and tears go together… or do they?  Have you wondered if crying is helpful? Why some cry and some don’t. What happens when we suppress our tears? Dr. Bob Baughter shares some interesting information about tears.