Programs from May 2016

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Getting Your Grief Out


Dr. Bob Baugher, Ph.D., talks with many people who have experienced the death of a loved one but are unable to grieve for a number of reasons.  Perhaps they are too busy with other issues in life and they stuff their emotions.  Their shock over the death may linger and they get stuck emotionally.  Or […]

Proxy Grief


Dr. Bob Baugher talks about empathizing with someone else’s grief. When you care about someone who is grieving, you may take on their grief or be concerned about the way they are grieving, or NOT grieving.  An example may be the concern a parent has for their surviving children and their reaction to the loss of their […]

Principles for Grief Recovery


Principles for Grief Recovery In this interview, Dr. Dennis Ahern, D.Min. reviews the feelings associated with grief that come from losses in life.  He then goes on to identify Seven Principles for Grief Recovery. This is Part 2 of a two-part series with Dr. Ahern on Bereavement vs. Loss.  Listen to Part 2, Identifying the Emotions […]