Programs from March 2016

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Covered & Kept


In 2006, Karen Johnson’s husband, Jon, was senselessly shot and killed by a drug addict who is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.  In this interview, Karen shares about her new passion and purpose since the loss of her husband.  She is the founder of Covered & Kept Ministries, and her […]

Grieving the Loss of a Parent


Heidi Horsley, Ph.D., co-founder of “Open to Hope,” talks about the grief experienced by individuals who have lost a parent.  This program is helpful for young adults as well as those who lose their parents later in life.

Personality Types and Grief


What does your personality type have to do with the way you grieve?  Lisa Prosser-Dodds, Ph.D., has done research on the relationship between personality types and grieving styles.  She shares valuable information that will help you understand your grieving style as well as the way others express their grief.

Wet Eyes, Dry Eyes – The Story of Tears


Grief and tears go together… or do they?  Have you wondered if crying is helpful? Why some cry and some don’t. What happens when we suppress our tears? Dr. Bob Baughter shares some interesting information about tears.