Programs from February 2016

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Life After Widowhood


Diana Conwell talks about some of the emotions that people commonly experience after their spouse dies.  She also talks about some of the issues people face after the loss of a spouse such as giving yourself time to properly grieve, finding out who you are as a single person, and the possibility or remarriage.

Brokenness Turned Into Blessing


“See you in the morning!”  Those were the last words Daisy heard her son Danny say.  The next morning they discovered he had died during the night of a massive heart attack.  During this week’s program, Daisy will talk about her experience in dealing with the devastating experience of the death of her only child.

Holding On To Hope


Nancy Guthrie shares from her experience as a bereaved mother who had serious doubts about God’s love and perfect plan when she lost not just one infant, but a second due to a rare metabolic disorder. Her pain took her to the book of Job as she tried to make sense of her loss. Even though her heart was […]

Grief Support for Young Adults


Hannah Hunter, co-facilitator for the U.C. Davis Hospice Young Adult Bereavement Art Group U.C. Davis Hospice Young Adult Bereavement Art Group, talks about reaching out to young adults age 17-24 who are coping with the loss of a family member or good friend. This 8-week series is offered twice a year. To register or for […]