Programs from September 2015

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The Poison of Unforgiveness


Jean Johnson shares her experience as a mother whose beautiful daughter was involved in a gang for many years and was ultimately murdered by those who enslaved her. Indeed, forgiveness is not easy, but Jean found that lack of forgiveness is like poison.  She talks about how she came to grips with the anger and unforgiveness […]

Does God Have Emotions? Part 2


Have you ever wondered if God knows how we feel when we’re sad?  Dr. Gil Stieglitz and our host, Ron Harder, discuss New Testament scriptures that answer the question, “Does God Have Emotions?”

The Need for Trained Church Chaplains


Terry Morgan, Senior Chaplain and Executive Director of Gold Country Chaplaincy, talks about the importance of preparing people to fill the role of Chaplain to assist pastors in providing compassionate support to families when a tragedy occurs.