Programs from November 2014

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Transitional Grief


Laura Wayman has broken the code to caring for people with memory issues.  Watching a loved one succumb to the debilitating effects of memory loss due to Alzheimer’s and various other forms of dementia definitely is a harsh experience.  Laura is aware of the devastating effects on the caregivers.  During this program, Laura and Ron […]

Serving the Suicide Survivor


Marilyn Koenig, co-founder and Executive Director of Friends for Survival, helps our listeners understand some issues of grief that are often magnified for those whose loved one has died by their own hand.  This program will benefit anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, as well as those who provide grief care, […]

Understanding the Grief of Abused Women


Matt Huckabay is an advocate for abused women and currently is the Executive Director for The Center for Violence-Free Relationships located in Placerville, California.  You will appreciate his insight into the turmoil that a woman who has been in an abusive relationship has to deal with.  This program will benefit anyone who is currently in, […]

Personality Types and Grief


What does your personality type have to do with the way you grieve?  Lisa Prosser-Dodds, Ph.D., has done research on the relationship between personality types and grieving styles.  During the program, she shares some valuable information that will help you understand your grieving style as well as the way others express their grief.